A recent news cycle covered a Republican candidate whose hobby was dressing up like a vampire.  It was an opportunity for democratic-leaning sites to capitalize on this person’s perceived “weirdness” and get an edge on who is more sanctimonious in the on-going two-party war.  Conservative outlets are no less shameful when the opportunity arises to get a cheap shot that does nothing to further anything.

The back and forth continues — a Democrat gets arrested, a Republican didn’t pay their taxes.  A Republican is outed as gay, a Democrat sent pictures of their penis.  It goes on and on.

This type of coverage has a further reach.  It creates a cookie-cutter view of candidates and, in certain circumstances, perpetuates stereotypes or bias.  It gets Marilyn Manson’s “beautiful people” on the ballot and scares authentic people with battle scars from life.

Such a back and forth also makes politics into a football game — It favors idolatry of your candidate and unfettered hate of the other person.  There is no pause, no hesitation in your loyalty.  And, frankly, after a good 15 years of bipartisan betrayal, we should be hesitant of anyone in power.

I don’t care who you want to live with or sleep with.  I don’t care if you play video games at night or dress up like a Star Wars character.  I don’t care about your marriage(s).  I don’t care about what you did as a college kid.  I just don’t care.

What do I care about?  I care about a candidate who will tell me their views & planned action (in no particular order and certainly non-exclusive) on:

  • Halting global warming
  • Privacy
  • Woman’s rights
  • Ending political corruption
  • Pre-K schooling
  • Support of science
  • Fair treatment of animals
  • Social Security
  • Paying college athletes
  • Overturning Citizens United
  • Decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana
  • Ending tyranny in all forms, including corporate tyranny
  • Freedom from/of religion
  • Equal rights for all people
  • Prosecution of those involved in the mortgage crisis
  • VA funding and PTSD treatment
  • Stopping needless wars
  • Preventing another 9-11
  • Gay marriage
  • Jobs
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Clean water
  • GMO
  • Immigration plans
  • Predatory lending

In the end, talk to us about issues and what you are going to do.   I want more long-form coverage than Today Show coverage.  If you want to be a vampire but you are going to stop Key West from sinking in 50 years or stop asthma caused by dirty air in inner cities, you’ve got my ear.


“Amnesty” is a dirty word in politics, particularly when discussing any sort of immigration or prison reform or Eric Snowden.  In debating such topics, politicians boldly declare that amnesty is a surrender.  If that’s the case, then please explain how this slipped through the cracks –The IRS provided/provides amnesty for U.S. taxpayers with undeclared foreign accounts.  As of January 2012, 33,000 people entered the program (now up to 38,000).  38,000 potential criminals were afforded an opportunity to buy their way out of trouble.  The average settlement in the case, at that time, was $133,000 per case (but the IRS expected that number to grow).  Still, despite this get out of jail free card, some top officials claim the program is too tough.

Let’s be clear — by and large, these are wealthy individuals (who can afford to settle at $133,000?) with financial planners who set up offshore accounts.  These people had sophisticated minds looking for loopholes in the tax code to hide money.  They are no different than a person sneaking into a country, smoking a joint, or gambling with a bookie.  The difference is, however, we put billions of dollars into catching and keeping (via the for-profit prison world) these “pedestrians”.  The rich can buy their way out and the media never does any soul-searching about how twisted and hypocritical the rich are coddled and the working class gets screwed.

The rich have the politicians in their pockets.  It is disgusting and is against all democratic principles.


Al Jazeera America is Awesome

Last year, my big media addiction was Vice and my assertion that we were in the Golden Age of television.  Now, Al Jazeera America is catching my virtual visits almost daily.
This website does hard, fact-based reporting.  It also embraces longform journalism.  Do yourself a favor — go to CNN’s site and then go over to [...]

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Television in the Supreme Court

I just read a great article on putting televisions in the Supreme Court.  Right now, proceedings before the U.S. Supreme Court are not permitted to be televised.
Essentially, an organization comprised of big media companies called the Coalition for Court Transparency is turning up the heat on this issue.  I just signed their petition.
In a small [...]

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My Open Letter to Governor Corbett on How He Can Win the Election

Dear Governor Corbett,
You are in a political pickle.  You’ve got the barbarians at the gate in the Democratic Primary.  The fact that so much talent and money is lining up for a battle royale in their own party should indicate that most people think you are going to lose this November.  You need to pull [...]

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A Movie I’m Dying to See About Rat Bastards

Kids for Cash has been a scandal I’ve followed and infrequently blogged about in the past.  Now, the Kids for Cash movie is coming out this month.  It looks to be a compelling documentary not just because of the awful and heinous crimes committed by the two former judges, but it is also produced by [...]

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An Ode To Captain Craig Gilbert

When I was in the Coast Guard, my former Captain on Cutter Storis was a hard-charging man.  He reminded me of Theodore Roosevelt. He made us hustle and he made us proud to be in the military.  Even after a very long night with us at the bar (the shots were plentiful and the excuses [...]

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I enjoyed writing a little bit ago about the history of Gideon v. Wainwright.  I enjoyed writing about it and thought I would highlight some other important cases in U.S. legal history.  As a kid, I watched reruns of Dragnet and remember the Miranda rights.  So, let’s look at Arizona v. Miranda.
Now, Miranda was not [...]

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My New Opinion on Eggs

Pursuant to my New Year’s pledge to explore animal rights, I decided to first confront the food I eat the most — eggs.  I eat eggs everyday.  Sometimes twice a day.  I live alone and have found that eggs are an easy way to support my weight training and last a whole lot longer in [...]

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From a Very Special Guest: Pitfalls Associated With The Bucks County Divorce Process

My good friend, Kevin Hand, a Bucks County Divorce Lawyer, has pleasantly accepted my request to write a post for me about the Bucks County divorce process and issues relating to it.  Kevin is a long-time resident of Bucks County and an amazing attorney.  You may reach him at the Kardos, Rickles, Hand & Bidlingmaier [...]

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